I’ve always looked at music as a form of expression. I know, that sounds cliche’ but I have my personal reasons why I feel that way. An individual song is driven by emotions that the artist feeling at the moment. Whether it is a love song or a song that sounds inspirational, we’re able to make that conclusion because the artist that recorded the song expressed that emotion for the listener to relate to.

Everyday life inspires me in my actions, my production and my music. No matter what I am going through during the day, I feel like I am able to create at a high level of accuracy to deliver a quality product. From being able to wake up and see my son smile to those moments when I become discouraged because I feel like things aren’t going right I find that encouragement, inspiration and motivation to create good music.

I put my heart and soul into every song & production I put together and create. Not to mention the blood, sweat & tears and the long hours dedicated to making this quality product. Enjoy.